The Lexus Complete Subscription is like having a multi-car garage at the tap of a button. Switch between multiple Lexus vehicles. Keep each one as long as you’d like.




$795 per month + tax



$895 per month + tax


Each plan includes...

Full coverage insurance including Liability and Physical Damage coverage*

Lexus Roadside assistance, maintenance, and washes with each flip 

Personal concierge who will clean and prepare each vehicle

1,250 miles/month and 1 flip allowed per month

Exceptional quality and care

*This is a 31-day commitment. Membership fee of $495 (plus applicable tax) required and charged prior to first delivery. 

$500,000 combined single limit with a $1,000 per occurrence member deductible on physical damage claim


Traditional vehicle purchase

Traditional  Vehicle Purchase

Lexus Complete Subscription



Registration & Title fees

In addition, your membership includes:

Full Coverage Insurance | Maintenance | Roadside Assistance | Flexible Term

Concierge Service | Registration & Title Fees | Vehicle Wash,

1,250 miles per month | 1 Monthly Vehicle Flip


When is payment due?

Your subscription fee is due at the beginning of each subscription period. At each renewal your preferred payment method will be charged.

What is the minimum commitment?

The initial commitment period for the Lexus Complete Subscription is 31 days. Subsequent commitments are monthly.

What about fuel?

You are responsible for the cost of your fuel. Each vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of fuel. There’s no penalty if you return it with less than a full tank, but you will be charged the cost of filling the tank at the local market rate.

What does insurance cover?

Insurance is included with your Lexus Complete Subscription when driving your subscription vehicle. This coverage extends to all authorized drivers but does not extend to any other vehicle you may drive.

The Lexus Complete Subscription insurance is backed by Nationwide.  

Coverage under the program is as follows:      

$500,000     Liability and property coverage      

$500,000     Un-insured/underinsured motorist coverage      

$10,000     Medical per person      

$10,000     Income continuation coverage      

$5,000     Loss of services coverage     

Physical damage coverage is subject to a $1,000 deductible per occurrence.

What is Lexus Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance protects you across the Continental U.S., Alaska and Canada with emergency service 24 hrs a day. Roadside Assistance includes services such as a battery jump-start, tire change, lockout and fuel delivery and towing to the nearest Lexus dealership or an alternative repair facility, if necessary.

If you should find yourself in need of Roadside Assistance please do one of the following:

Call 1-800-25-LEXUS (1-800-255-3987), Prompt 1

Launch the Lexus Roadside Assistance App, and your smartphone's GPS sensor (cellular and Wi-Fi positioning can also be used) will pinpoint your latitude/longitude (lat/long) location.

The app makes it easy to initiate a call with Lexus Roadside Assistance, 24/7/365. Once connected, a Lexus Roadside agent can then use your coordinates to quickly and accurately dispatch a Roadside Assistance vehicle. The app also pinpoints nearby Lexus dealerships with their contact information so you can locate a Lexus Dealer even when you are traveling.

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