What is Lexus Complete Subscription?

Lexus Complete Subscription is a monthly subscription service that provides an alternative to car ownership or leasing. It provides access to a range of Lexus vehicles that subscribers can swap between each month. All for a simple monthly fee.

What is included in the Lexus Complete Subscription? 

The Lexus Complete Subscription includes the use of a subscription vehicle, maintenance, insurance, and the ability to “flip” your vehicle once per month. You will need to cover the cost of the fuel you use.

What Lexus models are available as part of the subscription?

The program lets you choose between the Lexus IS, ES, UX, NX, and RX (subject to availability). 

What does insurance cover?

Insurance is included with your Lexus Complete Subscription when driving your subscription vehicle. This coverage extends to all authorized drivers but does not extend to any other vehicle you may drive.

The Lexus Complete Subscription insurance is backed by Nationwide.  

Coverage under the program is as follows:      

$500,000     Liability and property damage coverage           

$10,000     Medical expenses per person      

$10,000     Income continuation coverage      

$5,000     Loss of services coverage     

The insurance liability coverage limit is a combined single limit of $500,000 per accident. Subscriber is responsible for a $1,000 deductible for physical damage or theft of the subscription vehicle. Personal property is not covered by the insurance.

How long can I keep my vehicle?

You may continue your subscription with the same vehicle for as long as you would like. At times we may need to flip you into another subscription vehicle to perform preventive maintenance, other service, or retire vehicles from subscription. If this happens we will swap the vehicle for another of the same model whenever possible.

How new are the vehicles?

Subscription vehicles are generally within the latest two model years. Each vehicle is detailed before and after it is used by a member.


How do I join the Lexus Complete Subscription program?

Download the Lexus Complete Subscription app and fill out the application. You will need to provide a credit card, select a plan and provide a picture of your driver’s license. We will verify your information and check your credit and driving history. We may need to speak with you during that process. In most cases, we can approve an application within one business day. You will then be able to schedule your first Lexus vehicle.

Is Lexus Complete Subscription available in my area?

The Lexus Complete Subscription is currently only available in the Bellevue, WA area and the San Jose, CA area. If you are interested in participating but do not live in one of these areas you can submit your contact information in the form at the bottom of this page and we will let you know when the program comes to your area. 

Who is eligible for the program?

You must be 21 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license, and meet credit and driving record standards. See terms and conditions in the Lexus Complete Subscription app for full details.

How do I request my first Lexus Complete vehicle?

Once accepted into the program you can select your preferred model from your vehicle homepage in the Lexus Complete Subscription app. Select your preferred date and time. You will receive a notification confirming the request has been matched with an available vehicle. 

What is the Membership fee?

The membership fee is required for all new Lexus Complete Subscription memberships. The fee of $495, plus state and local taxes, is non-refundable and charged the day of your vehicle pick-up.


How well equipped are the vehicles?

Lexus Complete Subscription vehicles are outfitted with the most popular features requested by our customers. The Lexus Complete Subscription representative will explain any vehicle specific items when you pick up your subscription vehicle. 

Are pets allowed in vehicles?

Pets must be transported in a crate for all subscription vehicles. 

What happens if my vehicle needs repair?

Preventative maintenance is done regularly on all subscription vehicles, so we do not expect you to encounter any need for repairs on the vehicle. If the engine warning or maintenance required indicators turn on, use your Lexus Complete Subscription app to contact your concierge via call or SMS. We will flip you into another subscription vehicle. This will not count against your monthly flip.  

Damage to the vehicle should be reported via the Lexus Complete Subscription app. Please contact your concierge for any questions.

What happens if I get into an accident?

After making sure everyone is safe, exchange information with other parties involved in the accident and contact the police. Use the Lexus Complete Subscription app to contact your concierge and report the accident. We will handle getting the vehicle repaired and will flip you into another subscription vehicle.  

What is Lexus Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance protects you across the Continental U.S., Alaska and Canada with emergency service 24 hrs a day. Roadside Assistance includes services such as a battery jump-start, tire change, lockout and fuel delivery and towing to the nearest Lexus dealership or an alternative repair facility, if necessary.

If you should find yourself in need of Roadside Assistance please do one of the following:

1. Call 1-800-25-LEXUS (1-800-255-3987), select #1 at the first menu

2. Launch the Lexus Roadside Assistance App, and your smartphone's GPS sensor (cellular and Wi-Fi positioning can also be used) will pinpoint your latitude/longitude (lat/long) location.

The app makes it easy to initiate a call with Lexus Roadside Assistance, 24/7/365. Once connected, a Lexus Roadside agent can then use your coordinates to quickly and accurately dispatch a Roadside Assistance vehicle. The app also pinpoints nearby Lexus dealerships with their contact information so you can locate a Lexus Dealer even when you are traveling.

How much advance notice is required for a flip?

We ask at least two business days to coordinate the vehicle flip but will do our best to accommodate you on shorter notice.

Can I travel to Canada with the Lexus Complete Subscription vehicle? 

Yes, travel into Canada is allowed and insurance coverage remains under the Lexus Complete Subscription program. Before traveling into Canada you will need to request consent by contacting your digital concierge via phone or SMS message.

Can I travel to Mexico with the Lexus Complete Subscription vehicle?

No, travel into Mexico is not allowed at this point for the program. We will let you know when this becomes available.


Where can I find the insurance card?

Following enrollment and acceptance into the Lexus Complete Subscription program, a digital copy of the insurance card will be provided via email. The Lexus Complete Subscription app includes a digital insurance reference card with coverage information available anytime under the "Garage" tab on the home screen. A physical insurance card can also be found in the glovebox of the subscription vehicle.

How are taxes handled? 

All applicable state and local taxes will be part of the bill when you pay the membership fee, monthly subscription fee or miscellaneous charges like tolls and fuel. 

When is payment due?

Your subscription fee is due at the beginning of each subscription period. At each renewal your preferred payment method will be charged.

What is the minimum commitment to the Lexus Complete Subscription?

The initial commitment period for the Lexus Complete Subscription is 31 days. Subsequent commitments are monthly.

Can I pause my subscription? 

Yes, if you choose to pause, and then begin again within 12 months, you will not be charged a new membership fee.

How are tolls, cleaning fees, and fuel charges handled?

All subscription vehicles are equipped with toll tags. The cost of the tolls will be charged to the payment method you have on file as they are incurred and received by us. If needed, cleaning and fuel charges will be assessed and charged after a vehicle flip or return.

What about fuel?

You are responsible for the cost of your fuel. Each vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of fuel. There’s no penalty if you return it with less than a full tank, but you will be charged the cost of filling the tank at the local market rate.

How do I handle traffic violations?

You are responsible for paying any traffic or parking fines. If the bill comes to us we will pay it and then charge your card on file. 


Is there any mileage limit?

Each subscription period includes 1,250 miles (15,000 annualized). There is a charge of $0.25/mile for going over the limit. 

How many times can I flip my vehicle? 

You may make one vehicle flip per month. Available flips are refreshed at the beginning of each payment period.

Can anyone else drive the vehicle? 

Only authorized drivers are permitted to drive the subscription vehicle.  

As part of the Lexus Complete subscription program you may add a secondary authorized driver for the subscription vehicle, in addition to the subscriber, for a total of 2 drivers. The secondary driver must pass the same driving record restrictions as the subscriber. This option is available when you apply to the program and a change request can also be made during your subscription.  

Secondary drivers are not permitted to drive the subscription vehicle until they have been accepted and confirmed.

Are members responsible for the Lexus Complete Subscription vehicle? 

Yes, we ask that all authorized drivers use the vehicle responsibly and treat the vehicle as nice as you would your own.

What is the condition of Lexus Complete Subscription vehicles?

We are committed to delivering vehicles that are in excellent condition. To that end, we use technology to ensure that the vehicles are properly maintained and driven responsibly.

Is smoking allowed in the subscription vehicle?

Smoking is not permitted in the subscription vehicle. Prohibited items include tobacco products, cannabis and vaping. We do our best to keep the subscription vehicles feeling like new and appreciate your help in not smoking in or near the vehicles. You will be responsible for the cleaning cost if this policy is not followed. 

What data does Lexus Complete Subscription collect? 

We collect and store personal information necessary for providing the vehicle subscription service. This information is used to process your application and verify eligibility for the program, process payments for program billing purposes, and contact you as necessary for operating the subscription. We want to ensure the best service and safety for all of our members. To do so, we keep track of various data points to record vehicle and driver history. For more information please reference the Lexus Complete Subscription privacy policy here.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, we follow industry best practices to keep your personal data and payment information secure. See our full privacy policy here.

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